Frequently Axed Questions

Are you really an alcoholic? 

Yes. I’ve been sober since July 23, 2009. I’m a recovering drug addict.

Should we be worried? 

About my relapsing? No. About bears? Yes.

What else does you does? And has you did? 

You may remember me from such other publications as: Aristocrat

Rap Genius Editor

Huffington Post – Best Tweets: What Women Said On Twitter This Week – 5/4/12

Huffington Post – Best Tweets: What Women Said On Twitter This Week – 5/11/12 Today’s Best Tweets By Comedians – 8/28/12 This Week’s Inappropriately Hilarious Tweets – 8/3/12 51 of the Funniest Tweets You’ll Ever Read 

Noa Gavin’s League of Funny Bitches: Featured Funny Bitch Friday

BBC Radio 4 Profile on Christine Lagarde

Dan Savage’s The Stranger – The SLOG

Light Meets Night, Vice UK Magazine Blogger Network

The Wednesday Journal

Stirling Luxury Magazine

If I have a question that you haven’t answered on this page, what should I do? 

Email me at Or follow me on Twitter @EireannDolan. Or follow me in my car; I take the same route home from work every day!


4 Responses to Frequently Axed Questions

  1. Alice says:

    Hi Eireann, Its Alice Shaddick you kindly posted my bit on camping an age ago. I was reading this article and I had to send you the link

    This article actually uses this line “Chelsea Houska’s baby daddy has been devastating us with his good looks and charm since he first showed up on 16 and Pregnant” I don’t think they were watching the same show that I did…

    Hope you are well,


  2. GB says:

    Me and all my friends miss you reviewing Teen Mom.

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